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Clarence Valley’s annual writing competition is on – 2021 theme announced

There could be a rush on physios, osteos and massage practitioners across the Clarence Valley this month as writers strain their necks looking up to find inspirations for the 2021 Long Way Home writing competition.

Long Way Home competition co-founder Erin Brady said writers have been waiting for word on this year’s theme so they can get to work.

‘This year’s theme is ‘Look up.’ It feels optimistic and uplifting – and we all need that. There’s always something if we look up. Writers will have infinite scope to dream up their stories.

The sky’s the limit,’ Erin said.

Now in its fourth year, the Long Way Home invites people of all ages with a connection to the Clarence Valley – primary students, high school students and adults – to send a story by June 4.

There are prizes, and a selection of the best stories in each category will be published in the annual anthology – Stories From The Clarence Valley 2021 – Look Up.

The popular competition was started in 2018 by local writers Erin Brady and Claire Aman who love helping people discover a voice through creative writing. Each year, along with local artist Yohanna Dent, they produce a totally ‘local’ book, written, designed and printed in the Clarence valley.

‘We love unearthing new writing talent,’ Erin said. ‘The competition gets more momentum each year and the standard is high. Last year we had a record number of entries. Since 2018 we’ve published 124 Clarence Valley writers of all ages, and the book is a prized possession on many bookshelves. People in the Clarence are very creative and there’s a strong sense of our Clarence River landscapes running through so much of the writing. We can’t wait to see what people do with this year’s ‘Look up’ theme. We’re very excited.’

‘We’ve been pleased about the swell of support from Clarence Valley schools since 2018. Large and small schools have been producing fine writers, and we appreciate.

the motivated teachers who encourage students of all ages to enter. We’re hoping for entries from every single school this year.’

The Long Way Home is running writing workshops during the Clarence Valley plunge Arts and Culture Festival in April. More details about the competition and workshops can be found at www.thelongwayhomestories.com or on The Long Way Home’s Facebook page.