Brave Ambrose variation

Braves had another bash at Ambrose with a difference on Tuesday September 28 at Maclean Golf Club.

A good crowd gathered and had a ball hitting from the fairway after selecting the best drive off the tee. Players were then able to work on their own scores. It worked especially well for some at the par 3s with birdies coming thick and fast, thanks to other players’ great first shots.

The final nett score results were as follows:

First place on her own was Denise Paten with 29.5 strokes… (.5 stroke?) for a large mixed box of delicious chocolates.

Second place with Garry Stockwell with 30 shots for a welcome bottle of cab merlot. Coming home third was Clem Rhoden with 35 hits for a Deepwater Pale Ale limited edition… one of his favourite home brews. Fourth man home was Allan Downton with 34.5 winning chocolates which he gladly shared with players afterwards. Finally, in fifth place was Julie Campbell with a sweet 35.5 card.

Awesome effort, pick up your prize next time, a Yamba Cinema movie pass if you like.

Not to be forgotten, was runner up Linda Goodwin also on 35.5 points, taking home a bottle of white wine.

Other results in order of merit (sorry J.H.); Rod Dee 36, Colleen Stockwell 36.5, Sonia Bonaccorsi 37, Marilyn Hopkins 38, Bruce Johnston 38, Gary Taylor 41, John Hopkins 50,

There were no NTPs etc just the winners above, what a great day.

Now, anyone who is short of golf balls can put their hand up at the next meet… 8.15am, Tuesday, at Maclean Golf Course, we seem to have an abundance and need to “lose” some fast. You win before playing!

Gary Taylor