General News


  1. How is the smallest finger on your hand called?
  2. How many bridges can you use to cross the mighty Amazon River?
  3. Who’s missing? Lennon, McCartney, Starr…..
  4. Aside from Victoria, which is the Australian state to devote a state wide public holiday to a horse race?
  5. How many sides does a standard Arnott’s Pizza Shape biscuit have?
  6. South Australia has SACAT, Victoria has VCAT-what does the CAT stand for in both of those legal bodies’ names?
  7. Which Australian hardware chain for many years had dogs named Rusty and Sandy star in their ads?
  8. What country is bordered by Norway, Sweden and Russia?
  9. Who sang Billie Jean and Thriller?
  10. What colour of polo shirt are worn by the staff at Officeworks?
  11. If a French invites you to eat Escargots, what will you eat?
  12. What is the plural form of “ox”?
  13. Which country has the largest stadium in the world?
  14. Who is the current Prime Minister of India?
  15. In the 2000 Olympics logo the arms and legs of its central athlete were made up of which iconic Australian object?
  16. Who is also known as Bruce Wayne?
  17. How many cervical vertebrae does a giraffe have?
  18. From which language does the word “Renaissance” come?
  19. Which Australian city hosts the LIV Golf Tournament?
  20. What’s the meaning of POTUS?



ANSWERS: 1.Pinky 2.Zero 3.Harrison 4.South Australia 5.Six sides 6.Civil and Administrative Tribunal 7.Home Timber & Hardware 8.Finland 9.Michael Jackson 10.Blue 11.Snails 12.Oxen 13.North Korea 14.Narendra Modi 15.Boomerangs 16.Batman 17.Seven 18.French 19.Adelaide 20.President of the United States