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  1. In which ‘sport’ is Garry Kasparov a grandmaster?
  2. Which country uses a non-quadrilateral flag?
  3. What was Michael Jackson’s famous dance move?
  4. What is the name for the indigenous people of New Zealand?
  5. In 1979 which became the last species of spider to kill a person in Australia?
  6. Australia’s highest recorded temperature, 50.7C has been observed twice. In which two states has the mercury reached that high?
  7. In 2018 five Senators were removed from the Australian Parliament by the High Court. Why?
  8. What is Canada’s oldest national park?
  9. Golda Meir was Prime Minister of which country?
  10. Which Indian city was formerly known as Madras?
  11. What segregation system was Nelson Mandela fighting against?
  12. What is the colloquial expression for Australia because it’s “below” many other countries
  13. Who played Forrest Gump?
  14. Which sports person was the most Googled Australian of 2023?
  15. Despite being an Australian territory, which country is Christmas Island most closely located to?
  16. Which is the only country to be named after a woman?
  17. Which space shuttle exploded in 1986?
  18. Almost every language uses the word “Ananas”, except for English. How do they call it?
  19. What word can mean a bird or a lifting machine?
  20. Which city hosted the 1984 Summer Olympics?



ANSWERS: 1.Chess 2.Nepal 3.The moonwalk 4.Maori 5.Funnel web spider 6.South Australia and Western Australia 7.They were dual citizens 8.Banff National Park 9.Israel 10.Chennai 11.Apartheid 12.The Land Down Under 13.Tom Hanks 14.Sam Kerr 15.Indonesia 16.St Lucia 17.Challenger 18.Pineapple 19.Crane 20.Los Angeles-USA