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A life lived in better balance

My friend Adam had problems with his car as he returned from the Central Coast. One of his tyres was way down in pressure. He pumped it up and drove on. A few hours later, the tyre was low again. Without his reading glasses, and in the dim light, he couldn’t read the gauge properly. He pumped it to 70psi (it should have been 50). Now the journey became extremely bumpy, and he was a bit worried about his pregnant wife sitting in the back seat, experiencing severe discomfort with every bump. Next time he stopped to check, he reduced the pressure to 50. As an optimist, an idea slipped through his brain: he could just periodically top up the air, and keep positive about it! However, it made much more sense to fix the problem. It was a nail, and he soon had to visit the tyre shop to have it fixed. No fool would continue the journey, treating the symptoms, and not fixing the problem.

Sometimes, we treat our health like that. We keep dealing with the symptoms, but somehow ignore the causes of our problems. As long as the cause remains, so will the symptoms. I have to concede that some health issues are genetic, or for other reasons, cannot be reversed. But more often, if we can find the cause, we can make positive improvements in our health.

That’s why I’m excited to be part of a mental health education program, the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. People who come find greater joy and purpose in life, improve their memory and concentration, get better sleep, experience better relationships, and strengthen their health physically, spiritually, and mentally. Their family and friends notice the difference.

Without removing the cause, depression will continue to be a problem. It’s simple cause and effect. The Apostle Paul knew this. In Galatians 6:7, he wrote “Don’t be misled: No one makes a fool of God. What a person plants, he will harvest.”  It seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it! If I’m harvesting a mire of negativity – about me, about my circumstances, and about my future, it just could be that this is my harvest of what I’ve unknowingly sown. It makes more sense to seek solutions only after becoming better educated about the causes. Many people are surprised to discover that when they remove the causes, happy feelings return.

I know that many folk in our community are on medication for depression and/or anxiety. We always cooperate with the wisdom of your medical professional. But thousands have found remarkable improvement as they’ve made positive lifestyle changes, removing many of the causes of depression. God wants us to enjoy life, and has given us the know-how to flourish.

If someone close to you is struggling with negative thoughts and emotions, which future is preferable? Keep pumping up the tyre, or remove the nail?

Our free introductory sessions begin July 22 at the Maclean RSL Club. More sessions are available in Maclean and Yamba. Call us now on 1300 001 844 for more information, or book online at

I invite you to join one of our free information sessions and see how you can make 2019 your best year ever! I have personally felt the satisfaction of a life lived in better balance.

Pam Osmond

Associate Director/Facilitator

Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program