Superman was flying under the Grafton Bridge at the start of this year’s race.

Superman flying high

Lynne Mowbray | After a break down foiled their race prospects last year, Superman has flown home to take out this year’s Grafton Bridge 2 Bridge Ski Classic for the fifth time. President of the Big River Ski Club Jason Disson said that heading into this year’s race, Superman was experiencing a few problems on Friday. “They had some major engine repairs to be done on Friday night and weren’t sure how it would go in Saturday’s Shoot Out, so they took it easy and they’re really stoked now,” he said. Superman’s driver, Darren McGuire said that last year they were going for five wins in a row, but a faulty sensor let go. “It cost us the race and cost us the weekend, so we don’t use that brand of sensor anymore; so that got that part sorted out,” McGuire said. “It wasn’t a great day out on the river today. “It was rattly and choppy but we probably went nearly as fast. “This is my fifth win in Grafton and I always love winning in Grafton. “Grafton’s just an awesome weekend. It’s pretty well the start of summer when you go to Grafton. “It’s a great race to win because you don’t have to be the fastest boat to win this race; you just have to be the best team. “It’s a real team race. “A lot of the guys that come up here that are pretty fast; get found out up here. “We’ve won from nearly every position on the grid here and you don’t have to be one (first) away to win. That’s the best thing about Grafton; whereas a lot of races, if you’re not one (first) away it is a massive disadvantage,” he said. Two new crews to Superclass this year Arkham Asylum and TR Marine took out second and third place respectively. These two new boat teams into the top class and top level of racing were excited by their results.
Superman – this year’s winners.
The Superman crew: Driver – Darren McGuire, Observer – Brett Armstrong and Skiers – Daniel Graziano and Daniel Cotton.
Running Riot heads under the Grafton Bridge.
Skiers head underneath the Grafton Bridge.
Mad Hatter roars towards the Grafton Bridge.
Skiers give a wave and a smile as they head off down the river.
A family affair: Observer for The Pump, Peter Constable, with his wife Blair and son Parker, prior to the start of Sunday’s race.
Running Riot David Robertson awaits the start of Sunday’s race.
Boat Strike Force in action. Images: Lynne Mowbray