“Faulty RBT Yamba?”


Recently I was breathalysed. Normal thing. It went like this – “Had anything to drink today sir?” – “No.”

“Count one to eight please.” …”Are you sure you haven’t had any alcohol today?” – “Yes. None for three days and then only two light Baileys and ice.”

“It’s showing a low range alcohol.” – “That’s not possible. Your equipment must be faulty.”

“It’s definitely accurate.” “Here, blow into this. It’s more accurate.” “It’s still showing a low alcohol reading.” – “No, it’s not possible.”

“Have you used hand sanitiser or sunscreen or anything similar recently?” – ” No none of that.”

“It’s only a low reading. It’ll be OK. You can go.”

As I began to leave, I said “So what was the level?”

“Only .08.” …as I drove off, gob smacked!

So, what happens to all those who must have zero alcohol? My experience proved the units are inaccurate with no explanation, and at 0.08 was “OK” when I was well over according to the “accurate test unit”! The courts aren’t going to believe young kids with levels half of mine and can cost a heavy fine, licence and even their job!

The police do an excellent job, and this is in no way their fault.

John McKenny, Yamba