CVC Councillors

CVC Media Policy


I read with interest CVC lack of a Media Policy (CVI 23/6/21).

Those responsible should understand Council can use the media to:

  • maximise assistance and information from the public to address community issues;
  • warn people of dangers or threats, eg: flood, bushfires, serious weather events etc;
  • correct or clarify information in the community

* create discussion in the community;

* highlight key projects;

  • increase Council visibility;

* reassure the community and encourage participation, and

* provide transparency and maintain community faith in Council projects & activities.

It is important that Council communicate to the public the actions and efforts of Councillors and staff alike. Positive and proactive news stories are a proven method to help improve the community’s perception of Council, as well as providing the community with the confidence to engage with Council.

This is vastly different to a Communications Policy.


Geoffrey Beresford, Yamba