COVID-19 Rules


COVID-19 has destroyed the Aussie Psyche: Australia the Great Land; the land of the fair go; of blokes and sheilas; of she’ll be right mate; we’re all the same even though we’re different; a land of tolerance and understanding.

But we have become the Me-Me’s; the do-like-me-or-else; the land of zero tolerance; a fear of our fellow man; the insidious “A rule is a rule, with no-exceptions or debate”.

The Novak saga: You can’t come into OZ, in spite of having no symptoms, unless you are double vaccinated with an insufficiently tested vaccine of dubious value, which can result in serious negative effects. No wonder there are anti-jabbers. The PM, his advisors, most of the media and the “your say” folks chanted, “Send Novak home, how selfish of him” and “a rule is a rule”.

I wonder how many of the above agreed with state premiers who stopped mercy crossings into their state, such as the four uninfected boys who wanted to visit their dying father in Qld?  Unfortunately, there seemed to be a lot, who agreed with the premiers. “Good for them, a rule is a rule”. Disgusting.

Question 1: Can Person A who has been vaccinated:

       Develop a version of CD-19?  Answer: Yes.

       Pass this version on to another person?  Answer: Yes.

Question 2: Can an unvaccinated Person B who has not been infected,

                   infect anybody else with CD-19? Answer: No.

Question 3: If person C had the choice of spending an intimate evening with A or B, who would be safest to spend it with?  Not long ago it would be the most interesting one.  Today B would be the safest choice, but it’s probably neither as people such as C, are terrified (an appropriate word), of the unvaxxed.

Of course, there are alternatives to being vaccinated, which are cheaper, more effective, and are being used successfully on millions of people worldwide, but they have been banned, even made illegal, by our government. But that is another story and includes the use of, “The half-truth”, which is far more destructive than the set-in-stone “rule is a rule”.

John Ibbotson, Lawrence