Jane Madden (left), and Pauline Chilcott. Image: Contributed

YWBC newest Club Champion

Last week saw the final played of our newest competition – 100 Up Consistency Singles game – this was created to encourage new and minor players to take part in a Club competition playing against bowlers with similar experience.

All players played three games in a round robin format and then moved on to the semifinals and the grand final held on April 28.

Jane Madden and Pauline Chilcott were the successful combatants; both are new players, playing in their first year of membership.

The conditions weren’t easy with consistent rain creating a heavy green, but both girls played with keenness and enthusiasm.

Pauline adjusted to the heavy greens quickly and lead easily for the first seven ends, Jane then corrected her game and was rapidly catching up, but Pauline held her nerve and came out winning 112/73. President Bev Shatte was the marker.

Kaye Mason