Youngsters steal the show

Well it was worth the drive to Casino just to watch the younger Magpies strut their stuff. Boy, did they play well. The day started when our Under 16’s played a catch up match against the previously unbeaten Cougars. They were the reigning premiers but our boys played the game of their lives and secured a narrow 13-12 victory often with just ten men on the field. The coach was reluctant to pick anyone out from a real team effort but when pressed nominated Ethan Foster.

Our Under 18’s continued on their winning way and cemented a place in the top three with a comprehensive victory to the tune of 58-4. Casino were not as bad as the score suggests with a full bench and plenty of running. It is just that our boys were so dominant. They had a completion rate of nearly 90% and in defence they moved up in a line and its those basics that reap the benefits. Peter Laurie was outstanding with five tries and there has to be a story as to why he is in #19. Lachlan Barnes continues to play well as did Mason Horton.

In between these two games our ladies tag team played and enjoyed a 24-20 victory essentially doubling the half time scoreline. Best players were Shari Cullen, Joannea Roberts and Nada Kharu. The ladies are also at the forefront when it comes to supporting the other teams.

When reserve grade started it was good to see a full team run onto the field. It’s a credit to the coaches that they can get a struggling group to travel but unfortunately they were outclassed 50-24. Mind you it’s some achievement to rattle up 24 points and with some serious defence it can often be a winning score.

The A Grade side again disappointed. We were up against a side that was only one game ahead of us on the ladder and a side we had matched in a trial earlier in the year. On that occasion there was nothing between the two sides. On Sunday there was a fifty point margin with the final score 60-10 against the Magpies. Whilst it is true we had a lot of injuries, to key players especially, I’m not sure that accounts for fifty points difference. Once again our captain was sin binned and I am reminded of chapter one verse one in any coaching manual “The referee is always right even when he’s not”. If we want our good 18’s to step up and play in the senior grade we need to have them play in an atmosphere that will make them better footballers. Again the team kept trying and we almost ‘won’ the last 20 minutes but by that time Casino had lost interest along with most of the spectators.

Col Hennessy