You are a credit to the Clarence Valley!

Dear Ed,

I have subscribed to and read The Daily Examiner for many years and, in fact, worked with the paper for ten years, up until 1992, (I am now 88 years old).

I’ve been very disappointed in the DEX going digital and even more disappointed with their failure to help ‘oldies’ to read the paper online. I still don’t know how to read the paper ‘page by page’.

Because of all this, I picked up a copy of the Independent, which I have not read for years and I want to congratulate you on what a great newspaper it has become. I am most impressed by its layout, content and good advertising content. I wish you much success for the future and hope that, with the DEX attitude as it is, you may, perhaps, be able to increase your issues to two or three per week and even consider a cover price sometime in the future.

Keep up the good work. You are a credit to the Clarence Valley!

Bob Cumming, Grafton