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Year’s start up for Osprey RSL Day Club

Hi everyone. This is just a follow up reminder that Osprey will commence on Friday February 5, so make sure you mark it on your calendar, and invite a friend along. The more the merrier. Timings all remain the same; 10am start, although it may take a fraction longer to enter the club with the additional government Covid restrictions they now have in place. Fear not…you will not be strip searched! The bus will not be available for members just yet, so volunteers will continue to drive those people requiring a lift to and from the club. If you are attending Osprey Day Club for the first time and require transport, please ring Leanne on 0413 101 518 and she will organise it. Also, should you require detailed information about our club, Leanne will help you there too. We are so fortunate that our club is able to continue to operate. This is our twenty-first year of operation and it is my goal to see that this year we reach a membership total of fifty; we are so close. That’s all folks. See you real soon. Sue Gunning