Community News

Yarn Bomb – what’s all the yarn about?

When Yarn Bombing first emerged as a movement, it was about injecting colour and joy into everyday life, by anonymously wrapping bright coloured yarns around every day stationary objects, such as trees, or street signs, in high traffic areas.

Since then, the movement has evolved to include the idea of using warm clothing to create a bright coloured display, where people are welcome to take what they need, swap, or give clothing away.

This is an event run by the community, for the community and is an initiative of “Waste Not Want Not” Facebook group and 2019 will see the 6th year of Yarn Bombing in Grafton

When and where is it happening?

April 29 – May 3 at NSOA Neighbourhood House, corner of Spring and New Streets South Grafton and the Hub Baptist Church, corner of Queen and Oliver Street. The Maclean venue is River Street next to the fire station.

How you can get involved?

Please check your wardrobes for clothing you no longer need.

Members of the public are welcome to hang or drape their own donations on the nominated dates, and at the venues listed above.

Beanies, scarves, mittens, blankets; hotel soaps/travel toiletries; clothing pegs.

If you are in need of warm clothing please visit either venue and take what you need.

Everyone deserves to be warm this winter.

Sue Larsen