Yamba’s Lyn Olsson Singles Challenge changes hands

Tuesday October 26

Drama on the Lyn Olsson Singles Challenge rink today as long-term title holder Marianne Jenner has finally succumbed to a challenger – Lois Duncan has wrested the title from Marianne in a game of lead changes. Lois raced out to an early lead in the rain abandoned game last Thursday but on resumption on this sunny Tuesday Marianne gained a foothold and took the lead on the 9th end holding on until the 14th end when Lois came from behind to level the score. After that it was Lois all the way taking the game to a 25 – 16 win and ending Marianne’s great run. Marker was Jane Madden.

In social bowls it was the mixed triples team of R. McKibbin, B. McManus, I. Parker who took home the bowlo bucks defeating M. Abbott, P. Chilcott, D. Atkinson and runners-up in the money were J. Coulter, C. Ritale d V. Beddow, W. Ballantyne. Earning the Consolation bucks were M. McManus, J. Pryor defeated by S. Lindsay, H. Atkinson. The remainder of the field was M. Stone, B. Cross, S. Butler d B. Backshall, M. Sakac, M, Parker and it was a draw between D. Minnett, M. Wall, J. Button and G. Freeman, T. Allen, G. Davis with Judy’s team having a 1 end advantage. Can’t get much closer than that.

Wednesday October 27

Fresh from her win yesterday Lois faced up to Julie Coulter in the next round of the Lyn Olsson Singles Challenge – played a little early due to a very busy calendar. Two of the best draw bowlers in our Club – Lois and Julie kept the game tight and interesting right through – but it was Julie who prevailed in the end and wrested Lois’s title from her and made it here own 25 – 21. Julie faces Jude Pryor in the next round in a couple of weeks. Wendy Ballantyne was marker for the game.

Our next special day will be the Charity Day on November 4 – names on the sheet for that one. Normal start time. Put your racecourse glad rags on for a fun day – co-ordinated with your bowls shoes of course. There’ll be raffles. trading tables (sadly no food for this one) and bring some coins for a special competition. All monies go to our wonderful Rescue Helicopter.

Consistency Singles nominations close on November 4th – played on November 11.

Sunday November 14 the Mixed Fours take off.

And lastly and importantly the Christmas Party/ Ham Day date has been changed to Thursday December 2 – it will be an 11am start. Cost for the day – $20.


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