Winners Club Fours 2018-H. Atkinson,R. Dickson,J. Scadden,K Pedder and Runners-up J. Abbott,D. Gleeson,R. McPherson,C. Aitchison

Yamba Women’s Fours…“the score belies the game”

Tuesday September 11 Today we had the pleasure of watching the last championship final for the year and were so impressed by the quality bowls played by all team members, that it is hard to believe the final scoreline. As we often say “the score belies the game”. It was Kerry Pedder’s team of Helen Atkinson, Ros Dickson and Joan Scadden who took the honours with a 28-9 shot win over Cathryn Aitchison’s team of Judy Abbott, Dot Gleeson and Robyn McPherson. Kerry’s team got in at the start with a couple of big scoring ends leaving it a catch-up game for Cathryn and team. Played with a stiff breeze from the south with a bit of snow chill in it as well, the shot went from one side to the other as the jack was attacked by bowls from both teams. There were constant cries of “great bowl” from the spectators, as each of the team members fought to hold shot. We can be proud of our bowlers and the skill they show when called on for difficult shots. What an entertaining game! Social bowlers also had their share of excitement with the winners for the day, G.L. Davis, J. Hudson and J. Funnell overcoming M. McBey, J. Fagan and G. Davis by 1 shot and taking home the winners prize as well. Runners up were B. Lawson (swinger), R. Fletcher and N. Smith also had a low scoring game with B. Lawson, P. Conley and M. Thompson. Consolation went to R. Brockwell, J. Coulter, L. Asbury overcome by B. Nielson, C. Ritale, D. Burey. In the pairs game V. Terry and L. Duncan had a runaway win over B. Shatte and M. Stone. Thursday September 13 – Charity Day Our members really pulled together today to support the Westpac Helicopter – a most worthy cause. We kicked off the day with a Devonshire morning tea donated our ever supportive Norfolk Bistro. After these delights, a paddle-pop stick draw was conducted and bowlers took to the Greens to enjoy the morning’s bowls. After the game a draw was done for winning and losing skips, seconds and leads. Wine and chocolates went to those lucky enough to be drawn out. Winning skip went to our president Kaye Mason, winning second was Lorraine Asbury and winning lead our wonderful Patron Beryl Nielsen. On the losing side of bowls (but not so unhappy about picking up chocolates) were skip – Ruth Fletcher, second – Ros Dickson and lead – Gabby Freeman. Then came the raffle draws. Several lovely prizes donated by our members were up for grabs and as the results show it was well supported. Must also thank our Club Limited for donating the Green fees towards our cause. So altogether we were able to donate $600 to the Westpac Helicopter; many thanks to all our generous members and supporters for making the day a success. Also thanks must go to our social leader Cheryl for her attention to the morning tea and to vice-president Bev for attending to the raffles. Next week seven of our talented bowlers are off to support our District in the inter-district bowls to be held at Park Beach. We wish them good bowling and safe travel. On Shot