Yamba Squash finals

It’s down to the serious end of the squash competition at Yamba Squash Centre. The first round of Monday night semi finals did not spring any surprises but the second round will determine what team makes it through to the finals. The ‘Fig’ team came first in the point score so they played the ‘Banana’ team who came third. Both teams had one win apiece. It was the same result in the other semi with the second placed team, the ‘Apples’, playing the fourth team the ‘Cherries’. Even if a player loses the match, as long they can win one or two games off their opponent then that can make the difference as to which teams make the finals.
Division 1 in the Wednesday night competition have another round of matches before their semis but Michael Davidson is making a big effort to get to the semis by playing all his catch up matches. Michael lost his first match in four to Tony McFarlane then had a five setter against Nick Gregor which he battled to win in 5. The fourth game of that match is one that Nick would prefer not to talk about, but he did not get too many points. Kash Robinson pushed Tony McFarlane to a five setter but it was Tony’s fitness that got him the win.
In Division 2, it appears the ‘Date’ team will be headed for the finals. Jack Skippen has been playing his best squash for a long time and has taken others by surprise. It will be up to Philippa Hayman to get her team, the ‘Artichokes’, to the finals if she can win her next semi final in three.
In the latest Squashxtra magazine it confirms what we all know and that is the Karakal squash grip surpasses all others. In a review of eight grips, none come anywhere near the quality of Karakal. They were tested on tackiness, durability and absorption. Most of the worlds top male and female players use Karakal. World No. 14 and local Cameron Pilley is Karakal’s No. 1 sponsored player. Yamba Squash Centre stock all Karakal grips and products.
Now to the all important Footy Tip competition. Michael Davidson has hit the lead on 45pts thanks to him picking the round last week and picking up a bonus point for his effort. Equal second on 43pts is Paul Tarasenko and Julie Cutbush and third on 41 is Pauline Ryan. So to all other tipsters, there is still a long way to go, it’s only round nine.
Susan Pilley