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ABOVE: Wednesday night winners and runners up – Torben Mikkelsen, Ryan Brown, Philippa Hayman and Tony McFarlane.

Yamba Squash Club finals

ABOVE: Wednesday night winners and runners up - Torben Mikkelsen, Ryan Brown, Philippa Hayman and Tony McFarlane.
ABOVE: Wednesday night winners and runners up – Torben Mikkelsen, Ryan Brown, Philippa Hayman and Tony McFarlane.


The second round of finals on Monday night, on paper, were supposed to be closer than the results indicated but Jamie Disson kept her best till last. First up was Wendi Moffitt of the ‘Dingo’ team against ‘Foxy’ lady Tiffany Hodson. Tiffany got the first game but then Wendi seemed to step up a gear and this caused Tiffany to start making mistakes, mainly high serves, and Wendi went on to win the match in four.
Next up was Foxy lady Allison Bennett against Dingo player Jamie Disson. In previous encounters Allison has always came away with a win but Jamie was very determined and ran for everything and played a very good attacking game and came out winner in four. Like I said Jamie saved herself for these finals. Encouragement award went to Ryan Curtis who despite losing more matches than wins still comes out smiling. Wooden spooners were the ‘Echidna’ team of Lauren Mikkelsen and Andrew Ford and they very much appreciated their prize.
Wednesday night finals were a bit of an anti climax as two finalists could not play and needed substitute players. Div 2 had the ‘Grasshopper’ team verse the ‘Hornets’. Philippa Hayman for the Grasshoppers was on first against substitute player Torben Mikkelsen. Torben had already played and won a match in five but was raring to go again. The first two games were over quick with Torben still pumped from his first win but as the match wore on Torben wore out and Philippa won in five. Philippa knew she had to change her game plan and ran really hard to make it happen. With a win already for the team Jason Ward of the Grasshoppers had to match it in his match against Lauren Illig. This match proved to be just as hard for the refs as it was for the players. Jason did his acrobatics and dives on the court but it took its toll as Lauren quietly went about placing her shots right away from Jason and she went on to win in four. This gave the Hornets a total of five wins to the Grasshoppers four.
Many players were looking forward to the rematch between No. 1 player Ryan Brown and No. 2 player Tony McFarlane. There was disappointment all-round when Tony announced that he had played touch footy all weekend and hurt himself so could not play his final, no he said he wasn’t scared. Kash Robinson then stepped up and filled in and played well considering he too had already played a match. Ryan was too fast and too accurate with his shots and won in four.
Div 1 wooden spooner was Nick Gregor and for Div 2 the ‘Elephant’ team of Brendan Watkins and Steve Couper. Encouragement award, when he finally got off the court, went to Alok Agrawal. Alok did not win a match in the Wednesday night competition but that did not stop him from wanting to get back on the court and play anyone who would give him a hit. The most entertaining award was a tie between the noisiest player in the world, Paul Tarasenko and the most acrobatic, Jason Ward.
That was the year for competition at the squash centre and starting next week hours will be changed. The centre will be open Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 5pm with the Wednesday night being a round robin for anyone who wishes to keep up with their squash over the holiday and Friday night from 4pm. For all other times it is by bookings and must be for a minimum of an hour. We are only a phone call away.
There will be regular newsletters over the holidays to keep you all entertained and informed till then Merry Christmas and a safe New Year, cause I want you all back playing then.
Susan Pilley