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A young skater gets air off the highest part of the three-metre-deep bowl at the Yamba Skate Park open day. Image: Rodney Stevens

Yamba Skate Park Vox Pops

The CV Independent asked six kids how long they had been skating for and what they thought of the Yamba Skate Park upgrades?

Lily Gill, 7 of Yamba – I’ve been skating for two years. I’m excited about the new bowl but it’s a bit freaky dropping in.

Bobby McIntosh, 8 of Angourie – I’ve been skating for five years since I was three. I’m looking forward to dropping in on the high side of the bowl today.

Archie Simpson, 12 of Ballina – I’ve only been skating for three years, but I love the new bowl at Yamba, it’s so smooth. I’m going in the comp this afternoon to have a bit of fun.

Jazz Kennedy, 10 of Mulloway – I’ve been skating for two years, and I have skated the Coffs Harbour bowl before. This bowl is good, it’s smooth and really whippy.

Hudson Walker, 8 of Ballina – I’ve been skating for two years, and I’ve skated lots of other bowls. I came from Ballina because this new bowl looked really good and there was a comp on.

Conor O’Boyle, 9 of Lennox Head – I’ve been skating for four years, and I’ve skated other bowls. I really like the new bowl, it’s sick and it’s in a good location in Yamba.