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Sandologist Steve Machell with his demonstration sand sculpture which took Steve three and a half hours to complete. Images: Lynne Mowbray

Yamba Rotary sand modelling competition

Lynne Mowbray |

The Yamba Rotary Club held their annual Family Fun Day and sand modelling competition on Saturday at Main Beach, Yamba.

There were around 24 entries in this year’s event, which included some international tourists; the Burch family, who are on a five week holiday from Canada.

Sandology’s sandcastle artist Steve Machell was once again on hand to demonstrate his sand modelling skills, prior to the start of competition.

Steve said that he has been coming here to Yamba for around seven or eight years and he has been building sandcastles for about 22 years.

“I travel all around, but it’s become one of my favourite events to come up here for the family fun day event each year,” Steve said.

“It’s great to walk around and check out the sandcastles and see the kids using some of my techniques that they’ve picked up on, during the demonstration.

“It took me about three and a half hours to build this elephant (sandcastle) this morning and as the kids turned up, I would give them a few little demos and pointers.

Yamba Rotary Club treasurer Sandy Hovey said that although numbers were down slightly this year, everyone who turned up on the day had a good time.

“Due to the tide coming in, we had to run the competition an hour earlier,” Ms Hovey said.

“On behalf of Rotary, I’d like to thank everyone who participated and thank the Rotary Club members who helped out on the day.

“We’d love to see more helpers from the Yamba community, because Rotary does a great job in the community and we’d love to have more members,” she said.

Junior Champions in the annual sand modelling competition were Yamba locals Brody Soden and Maya Sutherland with their winning trophy for their sand sculpture “Mertel Mermaid”.
Sandologist Steve Machell announces the winners of the sand modelling competition.
Senior runners-up in the sand modelling competition were Stella and Sebby Burch who were on holidays with their parents from Canada.
Youngsters, Evie Cowan and Alex Mackenzie of Brisbane created a beautiful “Turtle”
L-R Senior winners in the sand sculpting competition, with their “Starfish Castle” were Indigo, Sage and Ginger Melhem, of Sydney.
L-R Annie, Bill, Gus and Lyla Davidson of Brisbane with the sand sculpture, “Sandy the Snowman”.
L-R Nick Leitch and Alex Kerr of Mosman with their “Face of Spongebob”