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Shores Drive Roundabout 2021 project team: SEE Civil and CVC staff. Image: CVC

Yamba roundabouts roundup

Geoff Helisma

Clarence valley Council (CVC) has completed the construction of three roundabouts on Yamba Road, under budget, with some of the remaining money spent or to be spent on other related projects.

The Treelands Drive and Carrs Drive roundabouts were funded by a $4.4million Restart NSW grant and $1,642,917 from CVC.

A $2.7million Bushfire Local Economic Recovery (BLER) grant funded the Shores Drive roundabout.

The initial plan was to build four roundabouts with the Restart NSW grant, however, councillors were advised at the February 2020 CVC meeting that it would cost an estimated $12,232,713 and, as a result, councillors abandoned the roundabouts planned for Palmers Island and Shores Drive roundabouts.

The shores Drive roundabout was subsequently funded through the BLER.

The project expenditure for the three roundabouts was within the overall budget; and some of the excess funds were allocated – $100,000 (Treelands Drive) plus $300,000 (Shores Drive) – to: “undertake rehabilitation works or roads impacted by the construction works, including associated road detours e.g. Gumnut Road and The Halyard; ancillary drainage works, including floodgate installation; and, Road Safety Audit measures yet to be implemented”.

The overall budget for both projects was $8,508,000, of which $179,707 remains unexpended – $111,463 (Treelands and Carrs drives) and $68,244 (Shores Drive), the report to next week’s CVC meeting advises.

“A post-construction road safety audit (RSA) was commissioned and completed by consultants in late August 2021,” the report to council states.

“A post-construction audit is typically conducted once road user patterns have settled following completion of works.

“The audit findings are currently being reviewed by council staff, with final corrective actions yet to be determined.

“Any agreed corrective actions will be funded through the remaining budget for the project and is anticipated to include a combination of lines and signs to improve hazard delineation for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.”

Staff advise councillors that the completion of the roundabouts has “improved traffic flows, reduced travel times and eased congestion along Yamba Road at three main intersections [and improved] safety”.

The council’s general manager, Ashley Lindsay, said the project’s final cost reported to council also included purchasing the property at the corner of Carrs Drive and Yamba Road and any other property acquired to facilitate the roundabouts’ construction.