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Yamba Ladies Golf

Another nasty weather pattern passed over Yamba on Wednesday, flooding the golf course and cancelling all golf for the ladies. The 2BBB Match-play, which was to take place before the competition, was postponed until Friday and resulted in the final to be played between Kim Lipscombe and Phyllis Telfer v Carolyn Chester and Pauline McKinnon. A single Stableford was played on Friday and, from the field of 30, Prue James was the winner with 33 points, Moira Morrow r/up 32 c/b and Helen Collins ran 3rd also with 32. NTPs were won by Helen Collins – Tom’s Chinese Restaurant 3; Judy Palich – Retireinvest 3/2; Rin Hulka – Peter Campbell Physiotherapy 9/2; Lyn Bartley – Yamba’s Fisho 12; Margery Allison – Yamba Pharmacy 17/2. Kitchen to Table’s pin on 10 and The Bean Scene’s 17 were both unclaimed, whilst pro balls went to 30 c/b. The cold morning on Saturday reduced the field to six, including Helen Howard visiting from Marysville. The winner with 35 points was Mary Hogan and r/up was Kathy Parker 33. Pauline McKinnon