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Yamba Early Learning Centre celebrate NAIDOC

Yamba ELC acknowledges the Yaegl Nation as the traditional owners of the land we meet, work and play on. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. We are proud to celebrate and recognise NAIDOC week and hosted an in-service event run by Birrigan Gargle LALC. Together we celebrated the world’s oldest living culture and are grateful for the sharing of knowledge that supports our work with all the Jarjums in our care. We have ears ready to listen and hearts open to understanding.

On Tuesday November 11, Yamba Early Learning Centre was proud to host a special NAIDOC event organised by Birrigan Gargle LALC.

The educators at Yamba ELC have been supported by Amanda Laurie, BLALC Chairperson with embedding indigenous language from the three tribes of the Clarence into our curriculums. We share with Amanda the vision to create a space where not only indigenous perspectives and culture can be acknowledged and celebrated but that every Australian, regardless of their cultural background feel welcomed, acknowledged and accepted.

The cultural knowledge that was shared with the educators in the lead up to and during the NAIDOC event has been a gift from the local Indigenous community that has supported our work with all the children in our care.

By embedding these cultural celebrations within our programs we are hopefully working towards creating a future where the rich 65,000 year history of our country is celebrated, understood and treasured.

It is amazing to think that through this current generation, the oldest living culture in the world is alive and with us now. We hope in our own small way that though our work we can to help to support our First Nations people carry their culture into the future and we are grateful for the opportunity to share in part of the journey with them.