2019 Consistency Singles Champion: Jim Johnson. Image: contributed

Yamba Consistency Singles Championship to Jim Johnson

The final Yamba men’s club championship for the year was completed on Friday when Jim Johnson took out the Consistency Singles Championship for 2019. Jim was up against Martyn Wood in this much anticipated battle between two of the club’s talented bowlers.

The game commenced in oppressive conditions with the temperature climbing steadily and no sign of the usual cooling sea breeze. However, the two warriors of the greens threw caution aside and began the match at a cracking pace. Jim held a slight advantage from the early stages, but as the game progressed, he started to show signs of wilting in the conditions. Martyn, sensing an opportunity, began a run of big scoring ends to close the gap. However, as if prearranged, the infamous Yamba sea breeze arrived providing relief for all present except for Martyn. Jim, having found his second wind, raced to the finish taking the match and the championship by 150 – 136.