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Yamba Bridge Club

Club Members are advised the AGM will be held on Tuesday, February 2 at 3.15pm. On Tuesday morning January 12 there was a 6 table Mitchell played. The winners were N/S winners were Margaret Lawrence/Del Liddle from Peter McGruer/Mavis Smith and 3rd Frank Campbell/John Sheean, E/W winners were Judy Turnbull/Marion Corrigan from Ann Ware/Ros Stevens and 3rd Allan Marr/Ian McAlpine. On Tuesday afternoon January 12 there was a 6 table Mitchell played. N/S winners were Frank Campbell/John Sheean from Elaine Hyland/Flo Flett and 3rd Sylvia Cryer/Heather Grant. E/W winners were Allan Marr/Ian McAlpine from Pam Dougherty/Clare Henry and 3rd Ann Ware/Ros Stevens. On Thursday January 14 there was a 7 table Mitchell played N/S. winners were Ann Ware/Clare Henry from Robyn/Tony Bowden and 3rd Marion Corrigan/Barbara Thollar. E/W winners were Sylvia Cryer/John Sheean from Allan Marr/Margaret Lawrence and 3rd Flo Flett/Elaine Hyland. The Bridge Club plays 3 times a week, Tuesday morning 9.15 start at 9.30 and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 12.45 for a start at 1pm. The venue is the Catholic Church Hall. For information and bookings please contact Flo Flett on 6646 2673 or John Sheehan on 6646 9392. Ros Stevens