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Yaegl woman’s art up in lights

Main: Maclean artist Frances Belle Parker’s painting Mapping Ulgundahi, which appears each evening on the sails of the Sydney Opera House, as part of the Badu Gili exhibition of projected images, celebrating our First Nation culture. Image: Daniel Boud. Inset: Frances Belle Parker. Image: Contributed.

Yaegl artist Frances Belle Parker of Maclean has been chosen as one of five First Nations artists from around Australia and the Torres Strait to have their works projected onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House.
The exhibition is called Badu Gili, meaning ‘water light’, in the language of the Gadigal people who were the traditional owners of Bennelong Point.
The illuminated work of the artists will take place at dusk and 7pm each evening on the eastern Bennelong sail of the Opera House.
Frances said that her artwork Mapping Ulgundahi, portrays the Clarence River and Ulgundahi Island.
“Art is how I document the Yaegl story and I see myself as a visual storyteller,” Frances said.
“Ulgundahi Island is the heart of our people and I see the river as the veins.”
Frances said that she was both humbled and thrilled to be a part of this project.
The spectacular seven minute projection will run until 31 August.

Badu Gili launched last Wednesday in anticipation for NAIDOC week. It acts as a move towards reconciliation, recognition of the past and a vibrant celebration of First Nations culture. It projects strong messages on a modern masterpiece that belongs to all Australians – The Sydney Opera House.