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Worn Again Op shop co-ordinator Hazel Miltiadou is sad to see the closing of the much loved op shop. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Worn Again Op shop closing down

Lynne Mowbray |

After 12 years servicing the community and visitors to Yamba the Worn Again Op Shop in Coldstream Street, Yamba is closing down.

Co-ordinator for the op shop Hazel Miltiadou said that the closing down of the op shop (which is run by the Presbyterian Church Community Care) will be a sad time for the community.

“We’ve been renting the property for the last 12 years and the building has sold now, so we have to move out,” Hazel said.
“It’s the end of an era. Everyone I’ve been talking to and telling them that we’re closing they tell me that this is their favourite place and that they love to come here and look around.
“The holiday people tell us that this shop is one of the tourist attractions in Yamba and they tell us how much they have enjoyed it and will miss it.
“The feedback has been very positive that people have liked the place and it makes me feel a bit guilty that we have to go.
“The rentals around here are just too expensive; when you’re selling things as cheaply as we sell them you can’t afford to big rents – so it’s time for us to call it a day.
“We’re hoping to be out by the end of October so until then we will have sales on. As from next week we will start to sell clothes for $5.00 a bag.
“We’ve got all our Christmas decorations and Christmas trees out for sale; everything has to go”.
“We’d like to thank all the workers, helpers and valued customers over the years. We will miss their smiling faces,” she said.
Hazel said that she will be attempting to retire for the third time.
“There’s always plenty to do in Yamba. For anyone who is retired, there’s just so much to keep you busy,” she said.