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Workshop with Bob the Beeman

Bob Luttrell, also known as Bob the Beeman, used a crosscut saw to cut his first native bee hive out of a log in the bush when he was ten years old. That was sixty years ago; sixty years of experimenting and close observation of native bees. Over those years Bob has developed a passion for saving stingless native bees, expert knowledge of bee-friendly plants and a hive design that meets many objectives, including ease of honey collection. Carole Faulkner, one of the workshop organisers said, “The Clarence Valley Native Bee Group is delighted to host this workshop. It will be wonderful to share Bob’s enthusiasm and learn from his lifetime experience of working with a large collection of native bees and plants. We are also delighted that the workshop will be at the Aboriginal Healing Centre.” Subjects addressed by Bob include designs of boxes for stingless bees, particularly his AusINPA box which includes features that make honey collection easier. He will also demonstrate honey collection and hive division. Bob’s information on plants attractive to native bees is of particular interest. In his experience it is easy to develop a very large yard, with the wide variety of plants available that are attractive to native bees for nectar, pollen and resin. The workshop is at the Healing Centre, 18 – 26 Victoria St, Grafton on Saturday 14th May, from 9am to 3pm. Morning and afternoon tea and lunch provided. Entry is $40, and there are very limited places. Contact Carole Faulkner on 6643 3750. Next meeting of Clarence Native Bees Group is on Thursday 5th May at 5.15pm at the South Grafton RSL Club. Jo Wearing