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Woombah RFS team (L-R): Cate, Bruce, Steve, Jess, Henry, Rose, Larry, Bardo, Ron Image: Contributed

Woombah residents honour their local firies at ‘Cooldown’ post fire party

A Woombah ‘Cooldown party’, organised by the Woombah Residents Association (WRA), was held on the weekend at the Woombah Reserve. With our summer markets and carols events cancelled earlier, it provided an opportunity for the community to get together and share their stories and raise some money and thank the local RFS for their hard work over this last month or so.

Woombah residents had been living with the threat of the fire and the attendant smoke for many weeks before fire appeared on their doorstep on Tuesday, November 26. The community awoke to phone alerts to evacuate, and the water bombers and fire retardant jets ramped up their efforts, as did the many RFS units brought in to help.

That night the sky turned scarlet as the fire burnt around the back of Woombah and down both sides of Iluka Road to Shark Bay. Many properties show the evidence of the fire burning to within metres of homes, and for the next few days locals and firies were dousing flareups, as smoke rose from the blackened burnt bush.

On Saturday, hearts were a lot lighter as we relaxed in the park and were entertained by musician Tim Stokes. The Woombah Boardriders cooked up a delicious BBQ, and other treats were also available. Even Santa turned up in the fire truck with lollies for the kids. It was a good chance to unwind and celebrate the generous community spirit shown throughout this trying time, and to give three cheers to our much

appreciated local fire brigade, led by captain, Bruce Paul.

Jenni McIndoe, committee member, WRA

Locals, Lee Drinan, Jim McIndoe, Martin & Nancy Ochtman enjoying the shade and music. Image: Contributed
WRA stalwart and coffee shop proprietor Joy Phelps with Carmel Hale. Image: Contributed
Woombah Boardriders on BBQ duty. Image: Contributed
Woombah RFS President, Jessica Dawes and WRA President Danica Britten. Image: Contributed