Woombah dog attack


I am writing with concerns of a wild dog attack on September 6 at 5.30am on West Street in Woombah.

I walk my dog down West Street parallel to Bundjalung National Park either on foot or I’m on my push bike, so he can get a good run before I get the kids off to school. As I approached the descent into a low-lying area on West Street where there is a swap in wet weather, my dog took off into the National Park side of the road; there was load low barking and a yelp. Then my dog was being chased out of the bush and across the road by a scruffy looking dog. I could not see if it had a collar on. It looked to be a staffy cross, black matting across its back and a dirty grey brown. My dog was chased into the neighbouring property and then came out alone and was spooked. We came home, and I didn’t realise he had a puncture would on his upper right rump until Saturday afternoon. He has been treated at a local vet with two puncture wounds; costing $599 in vet bills.

I would like the local community to know of this attack and I have now been made aware that there have been other wild dog attacks on dogs in Woombah. I have contacted CVC and local Parks and Wildlife, and they have both taken the details down. I have also contacted local Lands Council and they have offered to train local land owners of baiting wild dogs to eradicate them but locals with loose dogs would need to agree and be aware, so their dogs do not take the bait. I am concerned for the Woombah residents and visitors to our area and National Parks.

Michelle Philip, Woombah