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L-R Rotary Club of Yamba president Vic Doe, Adam Jarrett of Resqmed Services Australia, Rotary Club of Yamba members John McKenny and Rick Angelo, Wooloweyah 355 committee members Phil Francis and Michael O’Brien. Image by Lynne Mowbray

Wooloweyah village gets defibrillator

As part of the Yamba Rotary Clubs commitment to making Yamba and the surrounding villages of Angourie and Wooloweyah heart safe towns, the club has just installed a defibrillator at the community hall in Wooloweyah.

Rotary Club of Yamba president Vic Doe said that their aim is to have defibrillators available 24 hours a day in places where any member of the public or visitors can find them easily, in the hope that if somebody needs a defibrillator they can access it quickly while they are waiting for medical help to arrive.

“The best action and the best chance of saving someone’s life is within the first 10 minutes,” Mr Doe said.

“Resqmed Services Australia run by Adam Jarrett has been providing the defibrillators, so that all the defibrillators that Rotary have put in are the same type and standard.

“The company that provides the defibrillators has undertaken that if a defibrillator is used on a person and that person survives, they will give that person a free defibrillator to give to their charity or organisation of their choice,” he said.

At the handover of the defibrillator on Thursday last week, Adam brought a test machine to demonstrate how to use the machine.

“As part of our service we will give the community where we install a defibrillator, a run through on how to operate it. So hopefully if members of the community know how to use it and there is an emergency where somebody is a little bit unsure about using it, there maybe somebody in the community that can assist,” Mr Doe said.

Wooloweyah Hall – Honeyman Parkland. Image by Lynne Mowbray

“Defibrillators are super easy to use – they are fully automatic. They speak very loud and very clear instructions, and anybody can follow those instructions – you don’t have to have medical training to use it,” he said.

Phil Francis from the Wooloweyah 355 committee, said that their community group are always looking to improve the facilities for their village.

“The number one thing that we can do is to maintain the safety and wellbeing of our little community,” Mr Francis said.

“We’re hoping that this devise won’t be used, but if the need arises, having it here will be a big thing for us, because at the moment the distance to access one is far too long and every minute counts, so this will make our community safer.

“Getting this defibrillator is the result of a joint partnership between the Wooloweyah Parks and Reserves management committee, Essential Energy and the Rotary Club of Yamba and we’d like to thank and acknowledge their support,” he said.


The Rotary Club of Yamba will be installing another defibrillator at Spooky Beach toilet block, Angourie within the next few weeks.