Win for democracy

Dear Ed,
On Friday 100 polite, incredulous and angry local residents gave a warm welcome to the mayor and the two other councillors who attended the councillors’ listening tour at Iluka.
The result is that Iluka’s library has been saved.
Politely throwing the book at the council by 100 locals is an example of a fine win for democracy and common-sense. It shows just how much value you place on the ability to read as well as the fundamental importance of education in the increasingly complex world our children now face.
I greatly welcome this change in direction from our new council and hope we will now see a broader approach beyond the narrow confines of a local council that appeared mainly to embrace the traditional 3Rs of Roads, Rubbish and Rates to one that will also now embrace the importance of the even more essential 3Rs of Reading, wRiting and ‘Rithmatic as well as the Arts.
The next step is for people power to ensure that all the lower Clarence libraries continue to flourish as vibrant community focal points in this wonderful part of the Clarence Valley.
Many thanks also to the Clarence Valley Independent for its coverage of this important local issue as well as the pre-Schoolers for their beautiful “Save Our Story Time” signs and the splendid “Save Our Iluka Library” signs by the local residents.
And as is daily becoming more obvious, the future is what you choose.
Harry Johnson