Why close Jubilee Street?


Everyone travelling to and from Maclean on Jubilee Street Townsend would be watching the construction of the abutments for the new highway overpasses. It is becoming surprisingly obvious that the height of the new overpasses will be similar to the height of the existing overpass for the old highway. So, it appears that the jubilee Street clearance under the new highway lanes will be similar to the clearance for the old highway.

So, has anyone got an answer to the obvious question, “why is Jubilee Street going to be closed to vehicular traffic, requiring everyone travelling into and from Maclean to negotiate the complicated interchange being constructed down near Ferry Park?”

A number of east Maclean residents are concerned about this issue, especially now that the height of the new highway is becoming evident. We have made representations to the local State member and to the State Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight (with no responses to date) to review the current design of the new highway in this location and to not close Jubilee Street.

We feel that this issue concerns all east Maclean residents, including those of the Townsend, Gulmarrad, James Creek and Brooms Head areas. We urge everyone to question the authorities as to why Jubilee Street is being closed and to press them to retain this traditional route as it will be the more convenient and safer access to Maclean.

Frank McLeod, Gulmarrad