Where our money is going?

Ed, While asbestos and heavy metal contamination of the proposed site for the Tyson St Council is certainly an issue, it is the Depot project itself that should be the central concern. For Council to have already spent more than $1.7M on what this General Manager calls a “conceptual” basis and to even consider another $17M + funding for this project is simply an appalling indictment of this Council’s priorities and competence. Any development of this nature should be part of an overall integrated plan for the efficient and cost effective delivery of Councils services throughout the Valley. It isn’t! There should be a detailed and transparent business plan. There isn’t! There should be a verifiable cost benefit analysis identifying the operational and financial return on the investment. There isn’t! As for the projected budget: When has this Council ever delivered a project within program, to the original scope, and without a massive budget blowout? Never! Ian Saunders, Maclean