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Where CVC is spending its $18.5m Bushfire Local Economic Recovery funding

  • Maclean Community Precinct (Phase 1): $4,997,000: The main component of the project is focused on the hall where several upgrades are planned. The building will also be altered to enhance community engagement. Existing buildings will be removed to create an outdoor space that will visually connect River Street with the Clarence River. The facility will serve community needs day-to-day and also provide a community refuge during natural disasters.
  • Treelands Drive Community Hub Yamba, $11,107,882 (CVC will also contribute $2,079,058to this project): will house the functions and facilities for the expanding Yamba community. The hub will include a library, a more efficient community centre, an art gallery, a dedicated youth space, a visitor information hub, commercial kitchen and improve the accessibility of services to the community. The facility will also serve as a community refuge hub in times of natural disaster.
  • Regenerate Corcoran Park & Construct Dog Park, $982,000: The project follows completion of a masterplan and community consultation and scope includes site regeneration to remediate the former landfill site over part of the park, bulk earthworks and the construction of a fenced dog park as well as an access road, viewing areas and parking facilities. The project will also include supporting infrastructure including connection pathways, park furniture, shade shelters, dog agility equipment, a water station and suitable vegetation and landscaping.
  • Build Facility for Ewingar Rural Fire Service Brigade, $836,126: CVC and the Rural Fire Service are seeking to upgrade and replace the existing brigade shed and provide fuel storage and a helipad for rotary aircraft. The project seeks to locate a new facility adjacent the existing community hall that will better respond to future events, enhance community resilience and upgrade operations with a helipad and an all-accessible facility.
  • Upgrade solar panels and battery storage, $500,000: To improve the resilience and capacity of CVC’s Tyson St, South Grafton works depot, to better undertake its function during and following a natural disaster, it is proposed to install a 100kW PV solar system and a 200kWh battery storage system with a 100kw generator. This will help reduce Council’s on-going carbon emissions and provide power back-up to ensure the depot is able to be fully functional during natural disasters including when the grid may be down.