When will our government support The Arts again?


I believe a high quality government in a wealthy nation can be judged by the high quality of the needs it provides by way of its services to its community members.

High quality Education and Health services for all its citizens are considered to be essential services by most people, so too is high quality Welfare for those in genuine need as well as sustainable Housing and and a wide range of sustainable Transportation options. 

Sport for the millions of our citizens who enjoy participating or watching Sport is already well catered for but what about a greater consideration for those who do not participate in or watch Sport for whatever reason? I believe our government should place far  more emphasis on services for Recreation, particularly for outdoor Recreation for those who want to take part in outdoor activities that are not as full-on as most sporting activities.

But it does disturb me that in its efforts to adequately address our Covid-19 pandemic, our present Federal government has entirely missed providing adequate support to The Arts, this despite the fact that virtually everyone enjoys listening to music or watching drama other than political drama on tv or going to the theatre or a live concert or a show. This lack of Federal support for the Arts does surprise me when you consider that, before lockdown, 6% of our GDP came from The Arts, just below 7% for Construction, 8% for Health and Financial  Services and Mining each at 9% the two largest sectors of our economy, although small employers in their own right.

Recently my partner and I decided to have a night out at a live show, instead of nodding off in front of the tele. We travelled to a large town, booked a night in a small motel, within walking distance of an excellent, Covid-safe hotel meal and a top class, Covid-safe live theatre show.

When you look at our children’s new Covid-19 world in Australia compared to the Covid-19 world in most of the rest of the world, our government with our support has  done a great job so far in coming to terms with our children’s new world. But I really would value greater government support for The Arts for who’s looking forward to only ever more repeats on tv.

Breathe safely and all the best in the future you choose and I hope our governments also choose wisely.

Harry Johnson, Iluka


GDP figures for various sectors of our economy  from George Megalogenis  “AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY INDIFFERENT” “The Monthly” 2020.