‘What’s Cracking’ with Adam Penfold

Welcome to the first fortnightly health blog of 2020 from Clarence Valley Chiropractic. I’m Adam Penfold and I along with my colleague Jenny Kullas, will discuss a variety of health topics. In my 14+ years’ experience in chiropractic I have gained plenty of knowledge and experience and a strong passion for helping people move and feel better.

This week we will take look at the difference between sciatica and referred leg pain. Many people think they have sciatica when in fact they have referred pain down the leg. Understanding the difference will help deliver the appropriate treatment.

Sciatica can be caused by disc bulges, herniations, “slipped discs” irritating the sciatic nerve and may be improved with chiropractic adjustments, traction and stretching. There are other causes of sciatica that a chiropractor may not be able to help with, which is why imaging is useful to see the cause.

Sciatica feels like a knife-like pain down the back of the leg and is caused by irritation to the sciatic nerve.

Referred pain down the outside or inside of your leg often comes from a pelvis or facet joint misalignment. This is common and something chiropractic is very effective at helping.

So if you have pain down your leg – Jenny and myself are skilled chiropractors and can diagnose and treat many of the causes if it is coming from a muscle, joint or disc. If you would like help, call 6645 4242 to book an appointment.