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What the councillors said about CVC’s opposition to mining

Geoff Helisma |


Greg Clancy: “…if [mining companies] spend millions on exploration then they expect [to mine] … we need to speak out strongly against all mining proposals.”

Andrew Baker: “…to turn our back on any potential mining at this stage is doing the community a disservice.

“We should, rather than just accept there are concerned people in the community … we should be fully informed before making these decisions.

“…we should find out where council and councillors fit within our sphere of influence and not give people false hope that we can extinguish mining licences.”

Arthur Lysaught: “I think it was three years ago when Greg gave me the Greens [position] … but I said at the time, if I ever thought someone would affect the river, I would stand beside him to preserve the most pristine river in the country, maybe the world.

“The unfortunate part of this; whatever stance we take, others make the decision.”

Peter Ellem: “Yes and the greed merchants will continue to have a crack, whether to harvest dam water or reopen a mining industry through exploration.

“The end result is they want to mine … and with the government supporting one company [with an exploration grant], we have to be ever watchful to protect our river catchment and [associated] industries [like] tourism and recreation.

“…just like damming the Clarence and CSG mining, this kind of mining is not appropriate here and there should be a moratorium.”

Karen Toms: “We have an amazing river … but I am concerned because I heard what our state MP [Chris Gulaptis] has said.

“The general manager is right, we need to have a position … but 10,000 signatures … well done to the community to start rallying.

“We are here to represent our people … we are the responsible authority for our water so we do have some skin in the game.

“Tell them [mining companies] … to bugger off.

“It’s important send a strong message to the state and federal governments and the miners: leave our water alone.”

Deborah Novak: “A lot of people out there are scared to step up … but this is where they have come together [to gather 10,000 signatures].

“It’s important for the state and federal governments to see that the [petition organisers] are professional … and really amazing and it’s the young people who have stepped up.”

Greg Clancy (right of reply): “Over 10,000 signatures suggest that this is not only the concerns of a few people.

“…despite covid, the groups have worked very hard; I commend the Clarence Catchment Alliance and the Clarence Environment Centre … all working hard on this issue to make the general public aware.

“…it’s scientific, it’s facts about what we know mining does to river systems.

“We only need one accident and there goes the entire river.

“It’s not a case of not having mining anywhere, but it has to be in areas of minimal impact.”