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Maclean PS…playing games. Image: Contributed

What do we do at the Wellbeing Space?

Mrs Dinham from Maclean PS teaches us The Zones of Regulation program so that we can become happy social learners.

Self-regulation is a complex skill that helps us handle our feelings and choose to act in ways that help us to achieve specific goals. For example, we can learn to ignore distractions so that we can focus on reading, or we can learn to avoid melting down after losing a game, so that other children will want to keep playing with us. Throughout the day, children need the ability to tolerate sensations, situations and form appropriate responses. These skills set us up for success in life and help us bounce back when things don’t go our way. We are learning the difference between small problems and big problems, and what we can do to calm ourselves back to the green zone if we get a bit wobbly. Don’t sweat it, reset it.

We are also working on The Positive Living Skills program units of cooperation and highlights. We are understanding the value of being a team-player and that learning is better together. We are also challenging ourselves to think of at least 3 highlights each day, to train our brains towards positive thinking, so that we can build up our resilience.

Lego club is a play-based approach to encouraging the development of communication and social skills. Students are given specific jobs and work together to complete their goal of a finished model. There are engineers (who read instructions and give directions), parts suppliers (who sort through and find the right bricks at the right time), and builders (who put it together, step-by-step).

Art & Craft activities are important to help us express ourselves and feel more confident trying new things. We like to relax and mindfully create interesting pieces of work. This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from Frances Belle Parker! We created a beautiful canvas to represent what Reconciliation Week means to us.

Board Games help us learn regulation skills too. Games like Snakes & Ladders, Jenga and Bingo teach us patience, turn-taking and how to be a good sport.

Sometimes, we like to run around. Games like freeze tag, red light green light, Simon says and duck, duck, goose can help us learn to communicate and play well with our peers. Sometimes, we prefer quiet time. We can take nature walks, tend to the garden and play ‘I Spy’. We appreciate the little things and delight our senses with mindful awareness of our surroundings.

Human beings are social creatures and developing positive relationships is essential for our mental health and wellbeing. Children who feel a sense of belonging and connectedness at school will be happier, more relaxed, motivated and successful learners. By working together, we can achieve great things.