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What an epic paddle for three Dragon Boat Clubs!

“There’s always a new challenge to keep you motivated.” Sean Connery.

After dragon boat paddlers completed the inaugural 15km Westpac Helicopter Chopper Paddle from Big River Sailing Club, Harwood to Iluka, CCDBC decided why not go one better?

And what better way to keep motivated then to set a new challenge! Paddle 20kms in the Grafton Rowing Club’s annual ‘2 islands Rowathon’ to again raise money and show our support for the Westpac Helicopter.

Forty paddlers from Clarence Coast, Grafton and Titivators (Urunga) Dragon Boat clubs left the shore of Grafton Rowing Club and paddled 10kms around Susan Island returning to the rowing club. A good stretch, a few changeover of paddlers and a sugar fix of snakes to nibble on and we headed out again to do another 10kms around Elizabeth Island. Whilst on the water we were passed by many rowers from Grafton, Iluka and Lower Clarence Rowing Clubs, also completing the challenge.

Approximately two hours later we stepped out of the boats to replenish the calories lost with a superb BBQ brunch hosted by the Grafton Rowing Club. Congratulations to all paddlers. We were certainly taken out of our comfort zone but we did it!

Lesley Sutton