Westlawn golf

A field of 33 players took to the back nine on Sunday for everyone’s favourite game a 4BB Stableford Multiplier, you end up the best of mates or hating each other, but over-all it is a fun event.

The best score of the day was a fine 53 points from Mark Newman and Jason Casserly closely followed by Peter Martin and Robert Eichmann with 52, Peter Chessell and Geoff McInerney along with Dally Clark and Graham Jackson and Dave Morgan and Peter Taaffe with 50, next came Dave Lynch and Charles Doggett and Marilyn McFarlane and Merideth Corrigan with 48.

With scores like that the handicapper had a field day with no less than 14 players losing a shot or two.

I know it is hard not being able to have the after game BBQ and presentations at the moment but at least we are able to get out and have a round of golf and if things keep going in a positive direction we may be able to resume normality sooner rather than later.

Next week we will be taking on the front nine, not too sure what the actual game will be, maybe a Stroke event. See you there.

Dave Lynch