Bar Report

Weekend Weather

Marine Rescue Iluka Yamba

Weather and Bar Report for the Clarence River


Greetings from the Marine Rescue Radio Base at Iluka with your weekend weather and bar report for the Clarence River

Date: 5/12/2000

Report Compiled at (10.49):

By: Warren Vesey

Wind Direction: NE

Wind Speed in knots:5b to 7 Kts          

Current Temperature:  30C

Barometric Pressure: 1013

Cloud Cover:  75    %

Humidity (%): 76 %

Max. Wind Speed and wind direction overnight:6-9 Kts

Next High Tide is at:  12.22                       Height: 1.6 m

Next Low Tide is at:  19.05                        Height: 0.4  m

Clarence River Bar Conditions / General Conditions: 

 Usual Caution:

Swell to half meter no broken water

BOM NOTICE: Winds Nthly 20 to 30 kts late afternoon


For any further information contact the base on 66466311

Marine Rescue Iluka Yamba