Weather behaves itself for Grafton swimmers

There were no storms, thunder or lightning to disrupt activities last week and everyone was keen to get competition under way and although we were sorry that Jill Enks was unable to swim due to injury her assistance in time keeping was very welcome.

Making the finals of the 50m freestyle were Jenny Vickery, Andrew Madden, Damien O’Mahony, Bruce Durrington and Anne Simkus.

Jenny made this final by perfecting in the heat, the best “custard arm” seen in a long time and despite her claims that her shoulder locked up, no one was fooled.

Back to the final – Jenny covered the distance the quickest followed by Damien then Andrew and Bruce but a check on times had these four all breaking which left a very happy Anne to pick up the win and a much deserved one as well as it was her first competitive swim since January.

Due to competition being called off the previous week the Wykes Tyrepower cup was up for grabs and lining up and keen to score a win were Tyler Durrington, Natalie Durrington, Richard Sear, David Moon and Toni Ensbey.

Tyler, Nat and Searsy chose to do breaststroke, David was butter flying and Toni, backstroking.

Natalie was a tad too keen in this event, breaking by a good second and because Richard and Tyler were chasing her, they also busted by a good half second each.

David, swimming a great time was awarded the cup and Toni scored points for second place.

Another trophy, the Stephen Donnelly Explosive cup was also being contested and making this final were Jenny Vickery, Andrew Madden, Geoff Simkus, Terry Barnes and John Wainwright.

At least there were no disqualifications in this race and all swimmers kept close to their nominated times.

Terry was the swimmer closest to his nominated time and is the proud holder of the cup for the next month.

Second place went to Geoff Simkus and John Wainwright was placed third.

Members then adjourned to the GDSC rotunda for the monthly barbeque where a great meal was enjoyed thanks to the men who helped with the cooking.

Club members send their best wishes to Tracey Hill who has had a short stay in hospital – we are all thinking of you Tracey and hope to see you back in the pool soon.

Toni Ensbey