We really need the ABC

Dear Ed,

The Covid-19 pandemic really has changed our world, for as the French poet, Paul Valery said: “The future isn’t what it used to be.” We will have to adjust and adapt to our new world. So too our governments will have to adjust their thinking and actions.

But now more than ever we need our ABC to be well funded and independent so that it can expose corruption as well as dubious behaviour by governments that at times appear to only want to retain government whatever it costs. 

The ABC’s goals are to provide us with accurate, up-to-date and trustworthy news and information that educates and entertains both adults and children and, unlike commercial media outlets, the ABC’s main goal is not just to make a financial profit.

The ABC is our most respected media outlet and it is funded by the taxes of all Australians. Just think how much vital, up-to-date information our ABC provided Australia-wide during the bush fire emergencies.

However, with on-going funding  cuts, our ABC will be much diminished with staff cuts, more repeat programs and less emergency information during bush fires, floods and during other disasters, whether they are caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, growing climate change or for whatever reason.

High quality journalism helps hold our governments to account, but with on-going cuts to funding, you really start to question why our government continues to cut funding to our wonderful ABC.

All the best in the future you choose in our Covid-19 new world.

Harry Johnson, Iluka