We are not all the same


It surprises me that people may think that every Indigenous person is exactly the same. If you are Indigenous, then somehow it just follows that you care for country above all. You are not allowed to be an individual, and want to be a capitalist, like other races are allowed to be.

A man once said to me “Never trust Somalis. They broke into my mate’s place and stole his TV and laptop.” I was simply amazed. I know Melbourne houses can be big, but simply couldn’t imagine one big enough to hold thousands of people. And…imagine the logistics of it…gathering together thousands of people at the same time (presumably without being seen). And why did they only steal a TV and computer? Surely it didn’t take 3 or 4 thousand people to carry each item?

Do people imagine a sort of gigantic cosmic photocopier? Who is in charge of it? “Hey Mabel key in 340,000 homosexuals please. We’ll do a small run this month, we did a huge one last time.”

Imagine poor old Nonna Petone who hates cooking. “Hey Luigi, the family are coming for lunch, can you go to the Japanese takeaway and order enough sushi for 10?  I hope Antonio doesn’t bring his new girlfriend, always going on about her family’s bolognaise recipe. Doesn’t she know yet we all hate pasta?”

I don’t know why people would kick up such a fuss about Bunnings facial recognition…haven’t they yet realised that we all look the same? At least we do to other races.

Jocelyn Wrench, Iluka