Warmer weather draws out the swimmers

A good indication that summer is just around the corner is the increase in members showing up for competition each week.

This week Paul Smith came out of a seven year hibernation to test the water, Ian Davis made the trip from Woolgoolga to join us and Thomas Lancaster, a new chum, joined our happy little group and by observing his efforts, it won’t be long before he will qualify for many finals.

There were copious amounts of disqualifications during the heats so anyone making it through to the finals had to be thankful.

Steve Donnelly, David Moon, Anne Simkus and Thomas Lancaster were the lucky ones to reach the 25m sprint final.

Anne was first in the water on handicap and was followed three seconds later by Steve who was followed two seconds later by Thomas. David, always the backmarker, was last away.

Last away but first to finish, David touched out Steve by .06 but the judge had bad news for them. David had broken by .12 and Steve by .06.

Anne, who always swims consistently was awarded the win with young Thomas just a whisker behind taking second.

An awesome foursome lined up for the final of the 50m freestyle. All very strong and regular swimmers we saw Steve Donnelly, Geoff Simkus, Gary Dixon and Damien O’Mahony limbering up and waiting for the starters call.

Geoff, aka Chicko, off a handicap of 2 was first away followed by Gary off 7, then Steve off 8 and finally Marno off 11.

Once again, the backmarker covered the distance the quickest and by registering a good time, Damien was awarded the win with Steve second and Gary third.

Birthday girl Sharon Welch lined up with Terry Marsh, Gary Dixon and Ian Davis for the final of the 25m B B & B.

On handicap it was Ian then Sharon, Marshy and Gary entering the water with the lads all breast stroking and Sharon back stroking.

Showing that he still had form, Ian took the win very narrowly from Shaz with Gaz coming home third.

A very important notice to members that membership fees of $15 are now due so please make the treasurer’s job easy by paying on time.

Toni Ensbey