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President of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW Stephanie Stanhope, shares a special moment with Val Wood, a patron of the Grafton CWA branch who recently celebrated her 99th birthday. Image: Emma Pritchard.

Warm welcome extended to special visitor

Emma Pritchard

The Country Women’s Association (CWA) are renowned for their strong community spirit, unwavering passion and dedication to their local districts, and for the unbreakable bonds of love, friendship, respect and admiration forged by their members.

These admirable characteristics featured prominently when the president of the CWA of NSW Stephanie Stanhope visited the Grafton branch on April 20.

As she chatted happily with the local members and shared stories of her own experiences and involvement with the CWA, Ms Stanhope was introduced to Val Wood, a beloved patron of the Grafton CWA branch, who last month celebrated her 99th birthday.

“We’re going to have a joint centenary celebration next year,” Ms Stanhope declared with a smile as she referenced 100 years of the CWA in 2022.

“It’s definitely worth a big celebration.”

Carol Smith, President of the Grafton CWA branch was delighted Ms Stanhope could visit last week during her tour of the North Coast, and said the members in attendance enjoyed meeting her and speaking with her over morning tea.

Mrs Smith will be one of two local members representing the Grafton CWA branch at the 99th Annual State Conference in Bega, where Ms Stanhope’s branch is, early next month.

Ms Stanhope was presented with a special Jacaranda umbrella and a beautiful china vase to commemorate her visit to Grafton.