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Wage cut overturned

Teachers, nurses, cleaners, police, prison officers and other public sector workers are safe from a pay cut, thanks to the Upper House’s decision to reverse the State Government’s austerity drive against its own staff.

The decision is especially important for regional and rural communities, which are heavily reliant on public sector wages to stimulate their economies.

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Morey, thanked opposition and cross bench MLCs for their support.

“Today the Upper House has helped prevent the NSW government turning a recession into a depression. For that we thank them.

“The NSW Government always looks to its own workforce for savings. But today as we confront the worst economic crisis in a generation, economic sanity has prevailed.

“Teachers, nurses, hospital cleaners, police, prison officers and other public sector workers earn modest incomes and they spend most of what they earn. Cutting their incomes in a downturn is economic lunacy.

“Many of these workers also risked exposure to COVID-19 over the past three months. Despite the deep disrespect shown to them by the State Government, it is heartening to see the Upper House stand up to the Government’s bullying and blackmail.

“The Government must make peace with the fact it will run deficits for the foreseeable future. Rather than cutting spending, it should expand public sector jobs. The NSW Government workforce is the best and most effective way to stimulate growth in the economy.”


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