Vision for the future?


It’s too late to start the blame game. It’s even too late to sit and cry over the burnt houses, landscape, the sheep, cattle, kangaroos and the koalas.

We have to look at what we can do for the future. The issue is climate change, whether it is caused or exacerbated by human actions or whether human behaviour can slow it down is another issue. We are living in a warming world. We need an overarching plan to cope with bushfires and the floods that will eventually follow. Our top soil will be washed away from the burnt land. We need to re-think our agriculture and the use of so much water to produce food. We need to look after the land. 

So many things need to change and I can’t see that there is a plan or a vision for Australia being espoused by our political leaders that is based on the facts of our changing climate. In fact I can’t see any leadership at all. We need a collective vision for a better Australia.

Susan Howland, Yamba