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Jeanette Calvi – 38 years a member of VIEW. Image: contributed.

VIEW Clubs of Australia – Voice, Interests, and Education of Women

Meet Jeanette Calvi from Grafton VIEW Club!

Jeanette has been a VIEW member for 38 years, so we are sharing how her life with VIEW began.

“All that time ago, I moved from Sydney to Grafton, just after returning from London, with my husband and family. We purchased a pharmacy in Grafton, which was the reason for moving. I thought that I would be lonely after leaving all my friends and family in Sydney.

However, one day a lovely lady introduced herself, and invited me to join the Grafton VIEW Club. I had vaguely heard of this organisation, and asked what it involved and what did I have to do.

She explained what VIEW stood for, and said that all you have to do is enjoy yourself with a tasty meal, listen to a motivated guest speaker and, at the same time, help disadvantaged people.

What could I say! One couldn’t disagree with that, so I went along, and here I am …. an active member for over 38 years.

I was welcomed into Grafton’s open arms. What a tree change!”